What is a UTV?

You might have heard from the riders asking about UTV or side-by-sides. UTV stands for Utility task vehicle or utility terrain vehicle. Also commonly it is spelled as side by side and the more obscure name is ROV or Recreational off highway vehicle. UTV share the similarity like ATVs or All-Terrain vehicles but are bit larger in size. It uses a steering vehicle with pedals for the break and gas instead of handlebars. Many UTV comes with seat belt and roll over protection to carry passengers and offer expanded payloads.

The name side by side has been derived due to two people sitting arrangement i.e. side by side similar in a car. There’s a driver with a passenger and sometimes seating for two passengers at the rear. Many UTVs are not really side by side and they are much more in look like an ATV allowing only one man on-board but it is still counted as an ATV featuring side by side characteristics similar to steering vehicle and roll over protection.

The UTV is usually seen on golf courses and it is widely used by hunters and farmers whereas the UTV racing is quite popular nowadays. 360powersports offers cheap UTV farm vehicle and cheap ATVs for sale with high performances and carries part for many style of side by side including those used for racing, recreation and work.

360Powersports is enthusiastic to expand further into the off-roading market to offer the customers world-class service in recreational vehicles.

Some of the UTV vehicles offered by 360Power Sports are:

New UTV 150CC TrailMasters kids size UTV

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Cazador 170cc mid kids or adults UTV side x side new UTV 170cc automatic with reverse


TrailMaster challenger 150x deluxe UTV





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