Dirt bike

Riding a dirt bike gives a thrilling experience, but make sure you avoid this 3 deadly mistakes

Nowadays, the sale of cheap dirt bikes is continuously soaring high in the market. This rising popularity of dirtbike issues many causes. The recent study revealed that most of the dirt bike crash victims are males under the age of 30. While those below 16 years of age have the highest rate of nonfatal injury. The similar traits shared between many dirt bikers is that they reside in non-metropolitan areas and most of them do not even possessed a college degree and reckless driving is often associated with dirt biking. Many instances of hospitalization are traced back to motocross accidents especially those involving jumping manoeuvres.

There are also some other mistakes, that are supposed to be avoided when you are biking off-the road. Those three mistakes are represented below:

Never ever place the helmet on the side of the hill

This is the most common mistake that most dirt bike riders commit. The rider picks up the helmet from the home when he set out for the journey but looses it on the way as soon as the ride goes on the rough terrain. Riding without a helmet increases the risk of head and neck injury so as to avoid the accident on the way. Maybe you are lucky enough to avoid the accident but guess what can happen to your hair.

Always carry your tools with you

While riding on a rough terrain you need to be self-reliant to face the worst condition any time. At any period of time things can go wrong with your bike while you’re riding through quarantined areas. Another best advice is to get some dry food in your tool bag so that you have something to keep your mouth going while mending your bike.

Don’t set yourself apart. Never leave the group

Always remain in touch with your ride group members. Many riders get lost in the way due to the downfall from the bike. While moving through the unknown terrain you can’t guess what is lying down. Many things can go wrong especially while you are riding on higher altitude. The bottom line is never go out for a ride without informing anybody.


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